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Flower Mound TX 75022, United States
Point of Contact: Maggie Curtis
How much is Maggie looking to pay in rent?: $700
Maggie is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Maggie smoke: No
Does Maggie need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Maggie have a pet?: No

hello, my name is Maie. I am currently a receptionist at Canine Courtyard. I am focusing on work and my health at the moment but my goal is to start school again in the fall.
Additional Information
I am a very clean and neat person. I am very helpful and will always help with whatever you need. I can be a people person I am just picky sometimes lol. I am definitely strict but I do not judge anyone and have no problems there. I can cook as well and typically make a lot of food so you're always welcome to what I make as long as you ask. Communication is key for me in every aspect and all situations. I am very outgoing but can be introverted at times, I tend to feed off of other people's energy so being around someone who is more outgoing and will o out and do tins with me would be best for me personally. I do not mind a mess as long as you're ok with me being a momma bear and picking tins up for you at times lol. vI do not mind drinking or smoking or people of any kind coming over lol.

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